Tuning Fork Session space aSound helps the soul know where the body is.

INNER SOUND Tuning forks: For relaxation and well-being
Tuning forks used in pairs at the ears as sound therapy

If you are looking for a quick, effective and repeatable relaxation experience, these sessions are for you. 
Many people come once a week after work or during the weekend for a ½ hour session including about 15 minutes of tuning forks. If you like, you can also purchase some of the smaller sets  (Pair 5, Personal Tuners or OM Tuners) to use at home on yourself or family. 

In the Seattle area contact Arden Wilken (co-founder of INNER SOUND) for a session. Tel: 206 618 3985   Email:

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As well, our tuning forks can be combined with any technique or therapy to  help the client quickly enter into a state of relaxation to deepen the benefit of the therapy.

For more information about the tuning forksTUNING FORK Brochure outside  TUNING FORK Brochure inside