How are the Sessions of PI divided?


There are 10 self-learning sessions in the Postural Integration Process divided into the following stages:

            Releasing Stage – Sessions 1 -7

            Integration Stage – Session 8, 9 & 10 (and maybe more)

What is the focus of Sessions 1 – 7 of the Releasing Stage?

Phase 1 – Sessions 1 & 2

This phase initiates the work through the superficial fascia (fatty and denser subcutaneous layers) which surrounds all groups of muscles, to ‘fluff’ up and lubricate the layers to give more space and to rehydrate the tissue. Common feelings experienced can be “I can breathe better”, “Wow, it’s an excitement!”

                                Session 1* is usually focused at the upper body, opening the chest, helping with the breath and connecting the arms to the chest.

                                Session 2* works with the feet and legs, beginning to explore how you stand on your feet; Where is your weight focused? The goal is a horizontal axis between the ends of the leg bones at the ankle.

                *These 2 sessions are interchangeable.

Phase 2 – Session 3

The focus of this phase is a little deeper on the superficial subserous fascia, the fascia that surrounds each muscle, to connect the bottom & top of the body, working to elongate the torso, separate the waist from the rib cage and work with the shoulders to reposition the arms.

Phase 3 – Session 4, 5 & 6

Now that we have opened and connected the top and bottom of the body, we work to free up tension in the pelvis by working on the deep subserous fascia, the fascia in between each muscle.

                                Session 4 – We work on the lower/front pelvis from inside the foot up to the adductors inside the thighs.

                                Session 5 – We work on the front/upper part of the pelvis and abdomen up to the sternum, including the psoas muscle.

                                Session 6 – We work on the lower and upper back of the pelvis from the outer foot all the way up the backs of the legs, buttocks and sacrum to the shoulder blades.

Phase 4 – Session 7

                                In this session we work to release the head and neck.

What is the focus of the Integration Phase of PI Sessions 8, 9 & 10?

The focus of these sessions is to integrate the different divisions of the body/mind that have been opened, worked and released in the prior sessions for a coherent whole in the present. These divisions are as follows: Front/Back, Left/Right, Center/Periphery and Top/Bottom.