What happens in a PI Session?

postural_integration_logo_200 The normal structure of a session is as follows:

1.       “Hello, what’s happening in your body?”

2.       Body reading based on which session:  If we are doing Session 7, for example, the head and neck, I’ll ask you questions about what you feel about your head/neck; “Does your head feel straight, tilted, flat, set back on the neck, round”, etc. This often leads to the next part—-

3.       Body Gestalt: Based on your answers we will begin to develop a foreground/background awareness in your body. For example, if you feel your head as tilted, I may ask you to exaggerate the tilt and let the tilt have a voice. “What does it have to say; what does it feel?” Then we will explore another part of the body that forms the background to the tilt. What does it feel when the tilt expresses itself? What does it want to say, etc. We are working towards both parts of you connecting and communicating with each other and working together.

4.       Charging: Once the body gestalt is clearly developed, you lie down and we work to bring up the charge in the body using the appropriate kind of breath for how you normally breathe- more chest or abdomen, shallow or deep, etc. This may include different exercises/movements, such as closing the eyes on the inhale or opening them on the exhale, moving the legs from side to side, reaching out with your arms and/or making funny sounds, for example.  This part can be quite fun. As well, I use acupressure on specific points depending on which session and/or brush the meridians to help bring up the charge. If appropriate, I may ask you questions relating to the body gestalt foreground/background we established earlier to help with the overall charging.

5.       While you continue to breathe I then begin the appropriate strokes for the session asking you to make specific movements with the different strokes.  At the same time I may weave in the body gestalt or the primary theme you wanted to work on in the sessions. I may have you stand up periodically for you to notice the difference between the side of the body that’s been worked versus the side that hasn’t.

6.       After I finish the strokes we would normally end quietly with a short meditation, visualization, application of tuning forks and/or energy technique- whatever is appropriate.

7.       Before leaving you stand to have an awareness of what you are feeling after the session and I may ask you to be aware of posture or breathe, etc. during the week until our next session. I might also suggest you listen to some of my therapeutic music CDs to support your process of change.