postural_integration_logo_200Postural Integration supports you in dealing with the challenges in your life in a more creative manner. The uniqueness of this method lies in the simultaneous integration of deep tissue and breath work, body movement and awareness, as well as emotional expression. It enables you to come more into the moment to experience and create your life. 

                                                                                                                       The sessions are 1 hr 45 mins with a 10 session commitment minimum. The optimal session frequency is normally once a week or twice a month.

What are the 4 Principles of PI?                            

1. Deep Tissue Body Work to free up tension held in the body        

2. Emotional Work to release old memories stored in the tissue        

3. Energy Work to take the movement to a more subtle level

4. Integration to bring all the movement into the current moment.

Meaning of Logo

Let’s look at the logo, above, to understand the depth and breadth of PI. The three drops of the elements of earth fire, water – is an ancient symbol in Taoism meaning “balanced power”. It is the goal of Postural Integration to reach greater harmony and balance within the whole organism of a human being.

“Posture” here stands for the way we hold our bodies as well as for the way we stand in the world around us by our actions. “Integration” here means “completion”, it has its roots in Latin and implies the meaning “undamaged, unspoiled”. Thus POSTURAL INTEGRATION (PI) means: restoration of an unspoiled posture (posture in every sense) and thereby integration into a greater whole.