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Jack Painter, creator of Postural Integration,
transitioned June 28, 2010 in Mill Valley, USA at the age of 76.

Jack Painter-Obituary

Jack’s lifetime of work has been recognized by the European Association of Psychotherapy (EAP), Vienna, Austria, in 2011 with their highest award.

Postural Integration (PI)® was originally developed in the 1960’s by Jack Painter, Ph.D., a former Professor at the University of Miami. He developed PI after many years of self-exploration in the fields of humanistic psychology, deep massage, gestalt therapy, acupressure and the Five Elements system, and especially with Reichian therapy in combination with the work and theories of Ida Rolf. Postural Integration is taught and practiced in Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, South Africa and Australia. Postural Integration trainers are organized within the International Council of PsychoCorporal (Bodymind) Integration Trainers (ICPIT).

Postural Integration by Jack Painter.

Practitioners of Postural Integration (PI)® have completed a 3-year professional training with a minimum of 700 hours according to the requirements of ICPIT  including the theory and practice of:
Anatomy; physiology; applied pathology; body and movement awareness; deep myofascial release and organization; energetic and breath therapy; the natural energy cycle; body reading and dialogue; therapeutic touch, contact and boundaries; verbal and non-verbal communication skills; developmental processes; character styles; the nature of charging and discharging energy; emotional release and integration; body transference and counter-transference; and a supervised internship. They are trained to work in a respectful and interactive manner with their clients. They bring into the relationship with their client professional knowledge and experience and the  ability to appropriately share their personal feelings and attitudes.

Order: Transformation of the Self with Bodymind Integration,
Copyright 2012 by Herbert W. Holzinger, Berlin
(editors: Rita Erken & Bernhard Schlage),
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