About the Tuning Fork Session

What to expect from an INNER SOUND Tuning Fork Session
The first appointment is 1 hour including intake, goal clarification and a tuning fork session. Depending on what your goals are, we will discuss a strategy to help you arrive to a more consistent, deeper level of relaxation in your daily life. In addition to tuning fork sessions I may suggest listening to some of our therapeutic music CDs at home to help sustain the relaxation effect by softening further old tension stored in the connective tissue of your body. Subsequent sessions are normally 30 minutes.

Tuning Fork Session space aFor the tuning fork session itself you will sit in a zero gravity chair with eyes closed while I sit behind you applying the different pairs of forks at your ears. In the first few sessions I will do a test of several pairs asking you to tell them when you start to hear the sounds at your ears. This helps you become familiar with the sound of the tuning forks- some pairs are quite low in frequency- and helps the me to know how close to your ears to come for the most effective session. Then the actual application of the tuning forks begins. After the sequence of pairs is completed I will give you time to come back to the outside world on your own. After a few minutes I may touch you on the shoulder to bring you back.

What will I feel during the session?  Some people fall asleep, others experience physical sensations, memories or thoughts, while others feel like they have ‘gone somewhere’. These are all normal and are unique for each person.

What will I feel after the session? Most often people report a sense of calm and well-being lasting for a day or 2, even longer. A better night’s sleep is often reported, along with a clearer vision, a reduction in uncomfortable sensations, and higher energy levels.

Do I need to wear special clothes?  No. As sound is only applied at the ears, street attire is fine. You will be asked to take off shoes and glasses during the session for greater comfort. Any jewelry or watches may be kept on. Contacts lenses and hearing aids can stay in.

Can anyone receive an INNER SOUND Tuning Fork Session?  Just about anyone can receive a tuning fork session. The exceptions are as follows: Recent trauma- less than a month- to the nervous system such as stroke, brain surgery or meningitis; spinal tap or similar procedure within the last 10 days, or during a migraine headache. We have special protocols for babies and young children. These may include activating the tuning forks with a wooden hammer and standing at different distances away from the child who is sitting on someone’s lap or lying in their arms. (The forks are normally activated on a rubber activator and applied at the ears.)

Can a pregnant woman receive a tuning fork session? Absolutely. The tuning forks help the mother-to-be to relax at any stage of the pregnancy and this is passed on to her baby. Her position for the session can be adjusted, as well, if sitting in the zero gravity chair is not comfortable.

What if I am hard of hearing, wear a hearing aid or am completely deaf?  As the INNER SOUND Tuning Forks are applied at the ears, one of the ways the sound enters is through bone conduction via the cranial bones. This means that, even if you can’t hear well, wear a hearing aid or are completely deaf, you will still benefit from the effect. Sometimes, though, people who are hard of hearing feel uncomfortable to sit for 15 to 20 minutes because they don’t hear many of the tuning forks and may not feel any kind of sensation in their body by the sound being conducted via the cranial bones.  Nonetheless, the expansion and contraction movement is produced throughout the system helping to relax the body.

Why so short a time?  Because the tuning forks are used at the ears, they quickly enter the body. The 2 frequencies of each pair used send a precise, clear message to the body, particularly the nervous system, to remember its basic movement of expansion and contraction. This remembering leads to a deeper level of alpha brain wave state, known as the ‘meditation’ or ‘self-healing state’. With years of experience we have found that only 10 to 15 seconds of activation per pair gives the best results, rather than a longer time. This means that you can receive a series of pairs to help your whole body relax, as well as specific sequences to target body areas (feet, hips, neck, shoulder, jaw, for example), as well as emotional, mental and energetic aspects in a very short period of time. This might be upwards of 45 pairs depending on the protocol selected.