About the site

This website describes the different kinds of sessions offered by Arden Wilken (LMT #60342219), Co-Founder of INNER SOUND, in Seattle, WA.

“Depending on your wellness goals,  we will decide on the best type of session for you at this point in your life ranging from a 1/2 hour to an 1 hour and 45 minutes.”

                           3 Types of Sessions


1. INNER SOUND Tuning Forks – used in pairs at the ears for relaxation (1/2 hr).  2. Sound Body– a blend of tuning forks, therapeutic music,  energy & body work  (1 hr 15 mins)  3. Postural Integration, an alternative process-oriented, body based therapy developed in the late 1960s by Jack Painter,  (1 hr 45 mins – 10 session minimum)